About 1770 Castaway Island Adventures

1770 Castaway Island Adventures are situated in Eurimbula National Park and are “Eco-Tourism” accredited tours which means the only footprint we leave are our own footprints!

With only minimal numbers allowed, our Castaway Survivor tour are an eco based camping experience that will stay with you forever as you remember the beautiful location, the vast array of animals, the pristine water and the friends you made. The Australian environment at its best!

You will be left to live like a Castaway Survivor in a fully functioning campsite complete with camp supervisor to keep things running smoothly. An unforgettable Larc/boat ride will land on the beach dropping you off in paradise. Many activities are available for you to do as you please and there are many amazing places for you to explore.

This isolated part of the world is truly amazing and we can’t wait to showcase it to you so that you too can admire, respect and enjoy these island adventures.

Eurimbula National Park Requirements

You will be in a National Park and you have a responsibility to care for the area and local wildlife.

  • The Island is a National Park and therefore has strict requirements on keeping it clean for everything and everyone (flora, fauna and people) to enjoy for future generations. 
  • Do not touch the local wildlife on the island (even the dead ones) as this can spread disease and disturbs the natural ecology of the island. 
  • If grass seeds or other material is found in your clothing, remove them and place in a bin prior to departure.

Leave nothing behind, except your foot prints!

Please advise us before departure of any pre-existing medical conditions, medication or anything else that could in any way affect your safety (or others) while on a remote island. 

You are 100% responsible for your safety while on the island – please act with caution!

A word of WARNING…our tours are not suitable for “Princesses/Princes”!!! We offer a unique Australian bush camping experience with all of natures elements at your doorstep (ie. insects, wildlife, sand etc)…are

Where to find us

Book Online, call 0401 770 572 or email us at info@1770castaway.com.au if you want a group quote. 

We are on Instagram if you’d like to follow us @1770castaway and please feel free to tag your photos with  #1770castaway. 
Don’t forget to like our Facebook page www.facebook.com/1770castaway to be kept up to date with specials, see our recent tour pictures and more.

Do you need transfers to/from Agnes Water…why not check out http://www.1770shuttle.com/

Contact Us

  • 19 Captain Cook Dr Agnes Water QLD 4677
  • 0401770572
  • bkgs1770castaway@outlook.com

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Do you need transfers to/from Agnes Water…why not check out http://www.1770shuttle.com/

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